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lg15_rp's Journal

Lonelygirl15: RP
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A role-play community for the hit online series
On August 3rd, 2007, 17-year-old Bree Avery was murdered.

Or so everyone thought. Until a year later, when she resurfaced, asking for help, forcing the friends she left behind to come together again.

Welcome to the first and only Lonelygirl15 RPG. It takes place after the LG15 series finale (following "The Ascension"), and incorporates all the lonelygirl15 canon and characters. If you would like to join, you can apply here, but please read the rules first.

Also, please note that the elements of "LG15: The Resistance" may be included, but are not yet a part of the characters' lives, and therefore shouldn't be considered canon here.


Create a new journal, and make sure you Friend all the other characters. Journals are in first person, while events in the community are written in third person. If an entry is supposed to be Private, and unviewable to the other characters, make sure you put [Private] in the subject line.

1.) No Godmodding! If you have an idea for a character, talk to the player privately, and they may or may not use it.

2.) Be respectful of your fellow players. We're all just here to have fun.

3.) Some RP may be rated R or NC-17. Please make sure you're mature enough to handle that.

4.) A note about "dead" characters: Characters who have been killed off in canon can be played, if you can come up with a way to write them back in. Don't just have them show up with no explanation. Same goes for characters from The Resistance and KateModern.

5.) Original Characters are welcome, and encouraged. They don't have to be pretty, young, trait positive girls, either. ;-)

6.) Type "Bloodlines" into the subject line of your application to let us know you read and agree to the rules.

7.) Have fun!

If you have any questions, you can contact me (kirsdarke) at WriterGirl719@aol.com, or on AIM through that screenname.

Bree Avery (lonelygirlbree)
Jonas Wharton- pending
Sarah Genatiempo
Taylor Genatiempo
Gina Hart
Spencer Gilman
Emma Wharton (peaceloveemma)
Lucy (companywoman)*
Charlie (chazontoast)
Lauren- pending
The Flock
Ananda Jerr (anartsygal)
David Jerr (clippedwings02)
David Jerr (grounded_falcon)
Original Characters
Evangeline (all_about_evie)
Mary (mary_lives)

(This is just a starting list. Any canon characters are welcome. *While Lucy is currently an active character, any new members who would like to apply for her are welcome to.)

Karen (kirsdarke)

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lg15_rp,Jackson Davis